Start with Our 8 Month Business Foundations Package & Then Build Your Business with Custom Marketing Packages

We Partner with You to Implement Strategic Marketing Solutions Using Our Legacy Connect Framework ™

If we have never worked together before typically we begin with a 6 month package that focuses on bringing all the pieces of your business puzzle together. We are here to really look at what’s working, what’s not, and plan the pathway to your success. 


After we work together for 6 months, if you enjoy working with us we provide specific custom marketing packages based on the continuation. and evolution of your business, where we focus on monthly and quarterly specific goals.


We do not provide one off marketing strategies, we do provide business plans and websites separate from marketing packages, but all custom marketing packages begin with this process and pathway because we have seen more effective results and success with our clients long-term (some have worked with us since we started back in 2019).

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Done For You Solutions with a Team You Can Count On

Team of Experts to Collaborate with on Your Specific Needs

We Do What We Say & If Somethings Unclear We Ask You

Clear Systems for Tracking Tasks, Team Needs, Deadlines, and Files

Support to Make Effective Decisions that Produce More Success in the Short & Long Run 

Clear Communication Every Step of the Way

We Bring the Team, Systems, and Proven Processes & You Bring Your Expertise

Ask Us Anything & We Will See What We Can Do to Help

Team That Has Your Back, Stays Focused on Your Goals & Mission, and Doesn’t Give Up

Step 1: Deep Dive & Business Foundations

1-2 Months

This will give you a comprehensive business plan that empowers you to:

1. Establish Your Branding Look & Feel

2. Develop Your Messaging

3. Understand Your Market & Your Unique Identifiers

4. Understand Your Target Audience & How You Solve Their Problems in Reality

5. Market Research & Development Using Quantitative & Qualitative Methodology

6. Give You a Roadmap for Actions to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Ultimately, have the confidence as you create your path to success. Take the guesswork out of your business so you can grow and make a huge difference for your customers or clients.

 The goal here is that through this deep dive and review we look at your business from a variety of perspectives, which gives us the keys to where you are going and why.

You don’t get in your car without a destination in mind most of the time, so let’s get you a clear place to go in your business.

The best part is this process is easy to use, and by following the steps you are guaranteed more clarity, and we work with 1:1 through this process so that you have another set of eyes looking with you at your business.

Step 2: We Build Your Authentic Client Attraction & Connection Framework

6-8 Weeks

Here we will establish your business platform, (Integrated & Systemized Website) and create a framework that empowers you to build a system where people can connect with you, learn about you, understand why and how you help them solve a problem, and to have a place that belongs to you.

We will provide the layouts, and the content, and build it for you. We work together to make sure the messaging is clear, in-depth, and that this authentically reflects you and your business. 

The goal here too is to have your site begin to rank and be found by customers searching on Google every day for services and businesses like yours and move them through their decision-making process to trust and choose you. 

If you already have an existing site, we can talk about goals, options, and what has to be updated in order for this to meet the standards we have proven that produce results for your business. Even if you need a rebuild this process takes 6-8 weeks.  

Step 3: Sustainable Growth Systems

Start Sometime in Month 3

Minimum of 4 Months Working Together

This is where we begin pulling together the pieces of the Legacy Connect Framework, we will review your current digital marketing strategies.

Our goal is to establish a 360-degree marketing system that works for you, is reliable, and is easy to implement on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis without it taking so much of your time that it stops you from doing all the other things you have to do in your business.

We have over 40 Strategies we have used with our clients, and over 15 years of experience refining and implementing strategies, the best part is we bring the systems and processes for success, and adjust and customize them to you and your business.

Typically, we start with 3-5 strategies the first month, and then set monthly goals and benchmarks to add strategies each month, so that we can be sure to test and verify that we are not doing too much at once, and we can truly see if what we implement produces the results you want.

When we bring your goals, mission, and your why to these marketing systems it becomes very powerful. If there is a strategy you absolutely do not want to use, then we will look at other options. The goal here is that we create things and collaborate with you to create this system.

Even when we do it for you, this portion does require 30% of your effort and 70% of our effort. You are the expert in your industry so your feedback and contribution make these strategies even more effective. This means too that we make sure that what we do actually align with you, and reflect your business well.  The more we work together the easier these strategies become.

Our goal is to make this as easy as possible while still being effective, producing the results that you want, and increasing the number of people you serve and help!

Accelerate Your Impact & Purpose

Implement During Month 5 or 5

Here we will review everything we have implemented so far. We will assess what’s been working, and what we need to refine or adjust, and give you actionable items to continue on your growth path.

We will also look at any other important systems that may need refinement in your business, and give you feedback on areas to improve.

We focus a lot on data and what the data means so that we are not simply flying by the seat of our pants. The information that we gather directs our actions so that we can have more certainty and clarity on where to go from here.

If you enjoy working with us, then typically we select a customized package with sprint focuses, which means as we add strategies in layers, our focus will shift on a monthly basis with specific goals and benchmarks.

As your business evolves your strategies, systems, mindset, and actions will need to evolve as well.

After 6 Months We Move to Custom Monthly Growth Packages

If you do not have an existing business plan, branding, and a marketing plan and an in-depth website & business platform we will always begin with the Business Foundations Package. 

Very rarely do we provide custom packages without the strategy, and systems in place, because otherwise, it would be like putting frosting onto the cake box, instead of a beautifully baked cake. 

After the Business Foundations, we look at what would it look like to continue working together for the next 6 -12 months. 

We review your goals, look at what we have implemented and accomplished so far, and then make a specific plan moving forward. 

Each package is customized to your needs below you will find examples of packages we have implemented with our clients.

Ultimately, we want to create something that empowers you to build on the powerful foundation we have already established (add frosting to the cake.) 

Typically, our clients’ custom marketing growth packages range anywhere from $1,000/month to $8,000/month which varies depending on your goals, timeline, and needs.

Our packages are priced based on specific strategies paired with the time for our team to implement and reach your goals effectively.

One client was focusing on being found through organic Google searches with specific terms.

Our strategy included:

> 4 Blog Posts a Month We Write

> 1 SEO Specific Strategy per Month for 6 Months (Backlinks, Guest Posting, Press Releases, Business Listings, Reviews)

> Publishing 2 Pillar Pages to Be Found as Expert on Industry Topic

> Website Maintanence

> One 1:1 Meeting a Month

SEO Focused


One client wanted to focus on building the variety of foundational pieces we started within their original package, with a big focus on building local trust.

> Consistent Social Posts on FB, IG, Twitter, GBL

> 2 Monthly Newsletter Campaigns

> Content Strategy

> Monthly Special Campaign & Graphic Design

> Local SEO Strategies Monthly Basis

> Publishing 2 Blogs a Month

> Support & Collaboration for Client Content Added to Social (Videos for Stories, Reals, and Website)

> Review Campaigns

> Hiring Campaigns

> Custom Graphic Projects (SWAG, Magnets, Brochures, etc.)

> Website Maintenance & Basic Updates

> Two 1:1 Meetings Each Month


Organic 360 Marketing Growth


One client wanted to focus on 70% organic and 30% paid strategies for their national business.

> Website Updates

> Consistent Social Posts (FB/IG, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, GBL)

> Training on Videos for Social & Team Collaboration

> 1 Monthly Newsletter Campaign

> Support to Implement Monthly Memberships & Automation for Internal & External Processes

> Lead Funnels & Lead Magnets

> Google Ads

> FB & IG Ads

> SEO Strategies (Blog Posts, Business Listings, Local Landing Pages, Backlinks, Reviews, etc.)

> Professional Video Scripts & Collaboration with Videographer

> Custom Graphic Design Projects (Ads, SWAG, Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, etc.)

>Two 1:1 Meetings Each Month

> and More

Organic & Paid 360 marketing Growth


We Pair Your Business Purpose & Context with Our Proven Strategies & Tactics to Reach Your Business Goals & Needs

Everything we do in our marketing and business growth strategies is focused on meeting your audience where they are in their decision-making process, and how they make their decision.

These strategies are the icing on the cake and are connected at the core of your business systems and platform. Together this creates a powerful place to stand in the market, that attracts clients and builds trust as we expand visibility for your services and products.

Social Media – Business Pages, Personal Pages, Group Strategies & Group Buidling

Email Marketing – Newsletters, Automation Nurturing, etc. 

Search Engine Optimization – Local or National Strategies & Tools

Systems to Grow Word of Mouth Referrals 

Sales Processes & Internal Steps to Onboarding

Lead Magnets, Freebies, Resources & Lead Nurturing Campaigns

and More

Business Blogging, Press Releases, and Guest Speaking

Video Strategies for Social, YouTube, TikTok & More – Scripts, Video Editing and More

Events, Workshops, & Conferences

Podcasting | Hosting or Guest Speaking

FB & IG Ad Development, Graphics, and Campaigns

Collaborations & Influencer Strategies

Print Ads, Coupons, Mailers, Flyers, Brochures, etc.

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