Business Brand Development & Deep Dive Foundations — Done with You Course

This package gives you everything you need to get started in your business, or if you are looking for a rebrand, or a restart in your business.

This includes a new logo, color schemes, and font plan, along with an in-depth business, marketing research, and 3-year business plan that gives you a clear roadmap of what you need to do to reach your specific goals.

Through this process you will get clarity on your business, understand your value, have one place to organize all of your business ideas, and leave with more confidence in your ability to be successful.

Go from Overwhelmed to Clarity in 4 Weeks or Less for 1 Hour/Business Day


We Bring the Process You Bring Your Expertise

This process combines business planning, anthropology, and marketing research so that you have a system to organize your ideas, thoughts, and business.

Simply, going through this process will bring clarity, confidence, and an easier way to communicate about who you are and why it matters. Just follow the process and you will be surprised at how easy it is.

Understand Your Audience & How to Communicate to Them

When you know your audience you can communicate to them based on their own perspective on their needs and wants. This makes it easy to help them move through their natural decision-making process so that your message and content make sense.

We include market research techniques, and give you support to know who they are, why they need you, and how they want to be communicated with. Leaving you with more confidence in how to help and serve your customers.


Get Excited About Sharing Your Business on a Regular Basis

When things are unclear for you, then things tend to be unclear for your customers. Lack of clarity is one of the top reasons why business owners hate selling.

Through this process, you are able to clarify and gain the confidence to start sharing again. It’s simple to follow so you just have to follow along, answer the questions and then we will work with you to refine and clarify.



You Brain Dump, We Organize Together

This plan is structured so that you can put everything that’s swimming around in your head into organized information and organized actions.

By the end, you have clarity on what you need to be focusing on right now so that you reach your goals.

Create Your Branding Look & Feel - Logo Included

Together we look at fonts, colors, imagery, elements, and what you need to represent your business. You will walk away with a clear branding guide so that you know how to implement and create consistency moving forward.

We include a logo, and business cards that match your look & feel so that we can begin to elevate and represent your business clearly, and proudly.

More than a Business or Marketing Plan

At the end of the day having a roadmap to help you navigate your goals, your ideas and your business will only help speed up the process to get from A to Z.

Rather than doing things that feel productive but aren’t, we actually get you to a space where you know what it means to have a successful business and you can grow with confidence.



Have Peace of Mind to Take Powerful Actions Right Now

This deep dive will look at your long-term goals, and we look at what you are doing right now today, this week, and this month to reach those goals.

Using a reverse engineer approach makes it easy to see how you want to grow your business so that the actions you take today take you where you want to be in a few years from now.


1:1 Support Through the Process to Move Quickly and Clearly

We work alongside you to help you through the organization and refinement of your ideas. We also collaborate with you to help you clarify your branding, and we will empower you to have this solid and clear so that you can use this plan for many years to come.


  • Training & Structure to Create Your plan & make Decisions to Clarify Your Business 
  • Brain Dump Everything into One Place
  • 4 — 1:1 Calls to Review Questions
  • Edited Version of Plan with Final Messaging & Branding Geared Towards Your Target Audience
  • Logo & Business Card Designs
  • Voxer Support Between Calls 

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