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A Team of Experts You can Count on to Implement Our Legacy Connect Framework ™ to Help Your Business Grow


We believe that empowering 1 person to fulfill their mission and purpose, can change the world.


When it comes to supporting businesses, we know there is a ripple effect of positive change when we help you grow by focusing on doing what you do best, taking care of people. 


Everything we do is designed to empower people to help people, which in turn produces amazing results, businesses that are designed to uplift and support our communities, our families, and overall our lives.

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What We Do

We are a business development consulting agency that uses a unique approach to help each and every one of our clients build and grow their business. 

If you are looking for a team that is committed to your mission and purpose and results we have a variety of programs and packages that are catered to your specific needs. 

If you are looking for support on your mindset, company culture, sales systems, branding and messaging, need a website or business system built, a 360-degree marketing strategy, or marketing strategies in general we are here to collaborate with you and find real solutions to the challenges you are facing in your business RIGHT NOW! 

Everything we do is in collaboration with your needs. Some programs you implement 75% and we support you the other 25% and other programs are an equal 50%/50%. Our custom packages that combine consulting and our agency team support tend to be 30%/70%. Everything we do is done with you so that you get to have a say and have things align with your vision and purpose.  It takes all, your team and our team, of us, working together towards the same goals to produce results in your business.

So in the long run working with us might feel like you have a partner and a team alongside you, without having to pay us a % of your business (unless you want to, we are always open to the idea if it’s a good fit 😉) 


Our Approach

Legacy Connect Framework ™

We focus on utilizing a humanistic approach combining our skills and expertise from Anthropology, research, operations, business development, along with sales and marketing. This approach empowers our team and our clients to find and implement creative solutions to bring short and long-term success. Together, with our clients, we don’t just talk the walk, we walk the walk.

We have powerful processes and systems that keep us organized in this system and you have the freedom to be creative while utilizing a framework that delivers success. 

This framework combines your business plan, business system, sales, and marketing systems into a business machine that connects the dots of your business together for you and for your customers. 


Our Mission

Business Inspired Solutions exists to make the world a better place. We are committed to providing quality and effective solutions for businesses that want to grow and help their customers. We believe that as we empower businesses, we empower individuals as well. See when we can empower a business owner it empowers their customer and together our influence and positive impact grow exponentially.

See we know you started your business for a reason, and we are here to help you get clarity on the difference you are here to make. You can count on us to bring you resources, tools, and support to fulfill your greater purpose and vision. At the end of the day, we do our best in everything we do together, and when we make mistakes, then we learn and do better as we go, just we will help you to do too.  

Our Core Values & Promises

Collaboration | Growth | Real Results


We are committed to showing up, playing full out, and helping you create win-win solutions to make a difference through your business vision, unique services, and actions.

See we believe that by working together we will find real solutions that solve the core of the problem. Discover areas where you need and want to grow, and make the process easy with clear communication, and consistent support.

Win-Win Solutions

Empowering Support & Actions

Integrity &Transparency

Bold Questions & Answers

Committed to Real Results

A Team with a Growth Driven Mindset

Meet Our Owner & Founder

Anna Empey grew up on a 1,000-acre apple and fruit orchard in Eastern Washington. While growing up she went to the farmers market selling her family fruit until she left to go to college. She graduated with her degree from Brigham Young University in Anthropology, with a Minor in Communications.

Over the last 8 years, Anna has worked for many small businesses, wearing many hats to help each and every company grow. While Anna worked for these companies, many of them experienced major growth exceeding expectations, and achieving what seemed impossible at times.

In June of 2019, she started her own consulting agency called Business Inspired Solutions to help small businesses implement and utilize best practices and solutions. Each solution is based on what each client needs to be, to win and thrive.

Anna’s passion is truly to help make the world a better place by helping anyone and everyone around her. She loves supporting others in achieving their goals. She is also a powerful leader, who can clearly see the vision and direction businesses want to go. She stands for what is possible for businesses and individuals. At the end of the day, Anna loves having her clients and customers win. 

The Business Inspired Solutions Team

Katlin Empey

Operations Manager & Team Support

Katlin is a co-owner of Business Inspired Solutions, and she started working with us full time in the fall of 2019. Katlin is a fast learner and is always asking what else can I do to make a difference today?

On any given day, you will find Katlin organizing team tasks, updating websites, strategizing on social media content, and doing anything else we need to help our clients get results.

Overall, Katlin loves working with businesses that care about their impact because to her core she believes that everyone matters, and deserves to have a shot at making a difference for others.

Joslyn Empey

Graphic Designer + Marketing Lead

Jos graduated with her degree in Communications. She brings years of experience with branding and marketing strategy, design, social media expertise, video editing, and logo design.

On any given day, you will find Jos listening to music while she designs social media graphics, flyers, logos, and anything creative that helps our clients authentically connect with their customers.

Jacqulin Brillisour

Strategy + Content Lead

Jackie, grew up in Connell WA, she has worked in business administration for most of her career. She worked at Clallam Bay Corrections Center as the Office Assistant for one of the units, she also worked in administration at a domestic violence center for women and children, and most recently as the Executive Assistant to the CEO of East Adams Rural Healthcare.

Jackie’s passion is in helping others and giving back to as many people as she can. ❤️

She has three kids and a really old black lab.



Reid Empey

Contribution Assistant

Reid graduated with a degree in Economics, and is currently preparing for a Master’s degree in Linguistics. He is insatiably curious, and has more interests that he can keep up with, ranging from the normal (like reading, music, and cooking) all the way to the eccentric (like mycology, autostereograms, and Indo-European etymology).

Reid loves solving technical problems. On a given day, he can be found installing plugins, reading through documentation, and configuring APIs to add functionality and generate value for our clients.

More Team Members

We also have created a team of high-quality freelancers, who work remotely around the US. Each one is trained in our Legacy Connect Framework ™ to stay aligned with our team, and your vision to fulfill projects, goals, and results related to:

> Blog & Copy Writing

> Content Editing

> Google & Facebook Ads

> Technical SEO

> Building Out Newsletters & Email Templates

> Managing & Organizing Client/Contact Lists

> and More

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  • Marketing Automation
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